Flow Meters

Level Sensors and Transmitters


SRB Controls offers a wide range of Flow Meters & Sensors for a variety of applications.                                      

Level Sensors and Transmitters SRB Controls offers a wide range of Level Sensors for your applications.                                   
  • Non-Contact Level Sensors and Transmitters
  • Level Switches, non contact and point contact
  • Pump Level Control
  • Open Channel Weir and Flume Level Transmitters and Sensors
  • Silo Level Sensors
  • Smart Echo Tracking Software for Ultrasonic, Radar and Microwave

Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

Engineering Projects and Service

Temperature Sensors and Transmitters SRB Controls offers everything you need in temperature measurement. Engineering Projects and Service
  • Site Inspection
  • Project Estimates
  • Loop Drawings
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Custom Panel Assembly
  • Programming/Configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Service Support

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Flow Meter Options for Gas, Liquid and Steam Applications

  • Magnetic Flow Meter (Mag Meters), Inline and Insertion Vortex Flow Meters (Volumetric, Multivariable Mass with Built in Pressure and Temperature Compensation), Swirl Flow Meters, Orifice Plate, Pitotube Flow Meter, Venturi Flow meter, Wedge Flow Meter, Turbine Flow Meters, Rotameters (Variable Area Flow Meters), Thermal Mass Flow Meter, Capillary Mass Flow Meter, Coriolis Mass Flow Meter , Thermal Flow Switches, Transient Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters ( Inline, Insertion, and Clamp-on ), BTU Flowmeters, Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

BTU Energy Metering

  • BTU Energy Meters, Heat Energy Metering Systems, Chilled Water Energy Metering, Condo Heating and Cooling, Residential Heating and Cooling,Clamp-On Ultrasonic BTU Energy, Inline Flow Meters with Energy Calculator Computer
  • EN 1434 Approved for Customer Billing

Level for Gas, and Liquid Applications

  • Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Ultrasonic Level Sensors, Non-Contact Radar (Microwave) Level Transmitter, Radar Level Sensor, Single Point Switch, Remote Diaphragm seals and close coupled

Pressure for Gas, Liquid and Steam Applications:

  • Smart and Conventional Pressure Transmitter, in NEMA 4X and Explosion Proof Enclosure, Proximity Switches, Pressure Gauge, DP (Differential Pressure)

Control and Recording

  • PID Controllers ( Single and Multi-loop, and Batch Controllers), Panel Indicators, PLCs, Circular and Strip Chart Recorders, Analog and Discrete Data Loggers (Single, Dual, and Multi Channel )

Recorder Pens and Paper

  • Pens and Chart Paper for many different manufactures ( ABB Kent Taylor, ABB Metrowatt Gossen, Anderson, Bailey Fischer & Porter, Barton, Bristol-Babcock, Chino Charts, Cole-Palmer, Dickson, Eurotherm Chessell, Foxboro, Fuji, GMC, Graphtec, Honeywell, Mercury, Partlow, Omega, Tracor, Westronics, Yokogawa, Rustrak )


  • RTD ( Resisitive Temperature Devices ) Sensors, RTD Transmitter, Thermocouple Sensors and Wells, Hot Metal Detector, Smart and conventional Transmitters
  • Infrared non-contact temperature sensors, Camera and Fiber Optic
    Single Channel Non Contact Infrared Pyrometer, Dual Channel (2 color ) Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor, and Multi Wavelength infared Non-Contact Pyrometer (with ESP Logorithms )


  • CSA Certification for general purpose and explosive environments, TSSA CRN Numbers for Ontario and across Canada